Dumbest Man Alive Gives Dumbest Possible Explanation For Dumb HOF Vote

This year, I decided to make my life a little happier by giving up on my usual winter pastime of hate-reading terrible Hall of Fame columns written by trolls and gibbering nitwits. Stan Keister of the Hackensack Courier-Educator-Herald voted for no one and spent his entire column on the greatness of Jack Morris?… » 1/08/15 6:32pm 1/08/15 6:32pm

I'm a Knicks fan and I want to be able to watch my team play some fucking games. Whatever the theoretical virtues of the hard tank job—and I think they're vastly overstated—they have to be measured against the practical consideration that you are telling your fans, who might actually want to watch you play, Fuck you,… » 1/06/15 11:53am 1/06/15 11:53am